Definitions & Explanations

What is TC40 & SAFE Data?

What is TC40 data? How is SAFE data used? Learn more about fraud reporting and how this data can impact chargeback management.
Definitions & Explanations

How Could CCPA Impact Chargebacks?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will impact your business in several ways—including how you manage chargebacks.
Definitions & Explanations

American Express Chargebacks: Your Policy Guide for Amex Disputes

American Express manages chargebacks differently than Visa and Mastercard. Here’s a high-level overview of policies and management strategies.
Definitions & Explanations

Valid & Invalid Chargebacks: What’s The Difference?

Knowing the difference between valid and invalid chargebacks is an essential part of an effective chargeback management strategy.
Definitions & Explanations

These 5 Things Happen When You Fight Chargebacks

There are 5 extremely valuable benefits of fighting chargebacks. Take a look at what happens when you fight and what you miss out on if you don’t.
Definitions & Explanations

Free Trial Rules: How Does Mastercard’s Policy Compare to Visa’s?

How do Mastercard’s free trial rules differ from Visa’s? Check out this side-by-side comparison.
Definitions & Explanations

Chargeback Facts vs. Fiction: 15 Things You Shouldn’t Believe

It is often difficult to distinguish actual chargeback facts from myths, legends, or assumptions. Check out the most common payment industry falsehoods---and the truths you should believe instead.
Definitions & Explanations

8 Things Payment Processors Want You to Know About Chargebacks

Payment processors share insider tips, preferences, and little-known facts that they want merchants to know about chargebacks. Don’t miss this valuable insight.
Definitions & Explanations

Does Fighting Chargebacks Lead to Angry Customers & Bad Business Reviews?

Fighting chargebacks can recover lost revenue--but at what cost? Will customers get angry if you challenge their chargebacks? Will they bad-mouth you online if their disputes are overturned?
Definitions & Explanations

Chargeback Rate: 6 Things to Know About Your Chargeback-to-Transaction Ratio

Your chargeback-to-transaction ratio says a lot about your business. In fact, it probably reveals things you weren’t even aware of!

How Much Time & Money Can You Save with Automation?

Review a detailed breakdown of the time companies spend managing chargebacks. Learn how adopting technology-based solutions to handle these processes can deliver an immediate ROI.

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