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14 Direct and Hidden Costs of Chargebacks

The cost of chargebacks includes more than chargebacks themselves. So businesses must understand how the costs of chargebacks affect them.
Definitions & Explanations

Visa Fraud Monitoring Program: How to Resolve Fraud Threshold Breaches

Have you breached Visa’s fraud thresholds and are now facing a monitoring program? Check out this guide to learn about how you can resolve fraud issues.
Definitions & Explanations

Mastercard Fraud Monitoring Program: What to Do When You Get Enrolled

Are you enrolled in Mastercard’s fraud monitoring program? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the program and how to exit in this guide.
Definitions & Explanations

Fraud-to-Sales Ratio: Everything You Need to Know

Every merchant is at risk for fraud. Regardless, all fraud claims can negatively affect your fraud-to-sales ratio — which comes with a host of problems.
Definitions & Explanations

Merchandise Chargebacks: Top Management Tips

How does a chargeback management strategy for physical goods differ from a plan for digital goods or services? Click here for management tips specific to merchandise chargebacks.
Definitions & Explanations

Chargebacks for Services: Tips for Preventing & Fighting

Are the services you offer causing chargebacks? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Check our guide on how to prevent and fight chargebacks for services.
Definitions & Explanations

Loyalty Program Fraud Prevention: Everything You Need to Know

Loyalty program fraud happens when fraudsters steal customer loyalty rewards. Find out how to protect your customers and your business.
Definitions & Explanations

Best Practices to Ensure Payment Processing Compliance

Wondering if your business follows the rules? Worried about compliance with bank, card brand, and even government regulations? Check our guide for payment processing compliance.
Definitions & Explanations

Card Testing Fraud: Prevent Big Loss From Small Purchases

Card testing fraud can steal revenue and expose your business to other harmful threats. Stop carding before it impacts you.
Definitions & Explanations

How to Manage Chargebacks for Digital Goods

How does a chargeback management strategy for digital goods differ from a plan for physical merchandise or services? Click here for management tips specific to digital goods chargebacks.

How Much Time & Money Can You Save with Automation?

Review a detailed breakdown of the time companies spend managing chargebacks. Learn how to reduce FTE hours and save valuable revenue.

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