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Harness the Power of Technology to
Improve Efficiency & Accuracy

Midigator simplifies chargeback response workflows. The technology can handle everything from gathering
compelling evidence to submitting responses. Say goodbye to confusing, time-consuming processes!

Match Chargeback with Original Order Information

Tired of time-consuming tasks like logging into multiple portals to gather data from different merchant accounts? Worried you won’t receive a chargeback notification in time and miss the chance to respond? Don’t worry. Midigator can help.

Funnel all your chargeback data into a single platform. Not only will you increase transparency, you’ll also have a streamlined process for matching chargebacks to their original transaction information.

Intelligent Chargeback Response Filters

Unsure about which chargebacks you should and shouldn’t fight? Afraid you’ll waste time and effort on cases that are impossible to win? Or worried your responses cost more than the revenue you’ll recover?

Midigator knows when to fight and when to pass. Set economic filters and the technology will skip cases that would have negative ROI. And, if you won’t win, the technology won’t fight the chargeback. It’s as simple as that.

Create & Send Chargeback Response

Sometimes it feels like you have to be a mind reader to submit a winning chargeback response. You have to instinctively know unspoken desires—like how your processor wants your packages arranged and what the issuer considers compelling.

Fortunately, Midigator doesn’t have to guess or assume. The intuitive technology helps you customize each chargeback response by dozens of minute variables, including reason code, compelling evidence, processor preferences, product type, geographical region, sales method, and more. This yields the best possible chance of winning.

Reporting & Analytics for Response Results

Never again will you have to hunt down response outcomes. You won’t have to remember to check with your processor months later, hoping a chargeback verdict has been issued and made available.

Midigator receives response outcomes from your processor the moment they become available and displays results in easy-to-understand, real-time reports.

Automatically Resolve Prevention Alerts to Stop
Disputes from Becoming Chargebacks

Use technology to simplify the prevention alert process, improve accuracy, and eliminate time-consuming tasks.
Save money and prevent chargebacks at the same time!

Customer Disputes a Charge

Your customer contacts the bank to dispute a transaction.

Issuer Sends an Alert Through the Network

The issuer sends notification of the dispute through the appropriate prevention alert network.

Midigator Receives the Alert and Takes Action

Midigator makes it easy to refund the customer, stop order fulfillment, and update order information.

Midigator Automatically Sends an Alert Response

Midigator notifies the alert network that the dispute has been resolved.

Alert Network Notifies the Issuing Bank

The alert network notifies the bank that the dispute has been resolved. The prompt resolution prevents a chargeback from happening.

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