Dispute Responses Made Easy with DisputeFlow®

DisputeFlow allows merchants to fight chargebacks
with just a few clicks, reducing the amount of time
spent on responses by up to 84%.Watch Video


Before DisputeFlow

  • Manually download chargeback data from portals
  • Spend hours copying and pasting data into documents
  • Struggle to understand submission expectations
  • Waste time searching for response results

After DisputeFlow

  • Receive all chargeback information in a single portal
  • Build dispute responses with easy-to-use workflows
  • Send packages with one-click submissions
  • Monitor detailed reporting and automatic results


Automatically consolidate all chargeback data into a single portal.


Easily create customized dispute responses in just a few steps.


Quickly send dispute responses to your processor with only one click.

Manage All Your Chargebacks from a Single Portal

Midigator integrates with your merchant accounts to receive your chargeback data directly into the platform. The technology auto-populates certain fields in your dispute response, so half of the tasks are done before you even get started!

  • View all chargebacks for an unlimited number of merchant accounts
  • Choose which chargebacks you want to fight
  • Review the chargeback data automatically included in your response

Create a Winning Dispute Response in Just a Few Steps

Drag & Drop Content

Use DisputeFlow’s drag-and-drop content editor to easily add important information. The guided workflow helps you understand what pieces of compelling evidence you need and how the data should be ordered. The technology creates a professional and beautifully-designed package with the information you provide.

  • Receive tips on where to find your compelling evidence
  • Customize each package based on the evidence available
  • Add data in the file type of your choice

Edit Your Package & Optimize for Success

Easily edit and enhance pre-populated data to optimize your package. Add transaction information, order data, and customer service notes. This customization improves winnability and helps you recover as much revenue as possible.

  • Easily add information with just a few clicks
  • Receive prompts on what should and shouldn’t be included
  • Recover more revenue with less effort

Save Custom Templates

Create templates to save commonly-used information, like terms and conditions, privacy policy, and product descriptions. Improve the speed, accuracy, and ease of each response by using saved information.

  • Prevent repetitiveness
  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Increase the speed of submission

Send Dispute Responses
with Only One Click

DisputeFlow allows you to send your dispute responses directly to your processor with a single click. Gone are the days of fax, email, snail mail, or any other manual processes for fighting your chargebacks. Simply click submit and let Midigator’s technology do all the heavy lifting.

  • Optimized for processor preferences
  • Formatted into compliant file types
  • Delivered via preferred methods

Create Custom Fields for Advanced Reporting

Easily customize the fields and attributes related to your dispute cases for more advanced reporting and insights into your business. Your business is unique and your data should align. DisputeFlow makes that possible.

  • Create unique field types and map to any dispute case
  • Export your custom field data in reports
  • Track more meaningful KPIs for your disputes

Receive & Review
Your Chargeback Results

Don’t waste time searching for results or wondering about outcomes. Midigator provides detailed reports for all your dispute responses. Easily monitor your progress and ROI.

  • Receive updates on the status of each response
  • Filter reports by relevant metrics
  • Identify opportunities to optimize success

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