How Midigator’s Analytics Reveal the Most Unexpected Reasons for Chargebacks

There could be hundreds of different reasons for a chargeback. But with Midigator, it’s easy to trace chargebacks to their source—even the most random and obscure causes!

Research & Trends

Visa Acquires Verifi to Resolve Disputes & Prevent Chargebacks

A new partnership with Verifi will allow Visa to extend its chargeback and dispute resolution capabilities with collaboration and real-time communication.

Definitions & Explanations

Chargeback Rate: 6 Things to Know About Your Chargeback-to-Transaction Ratio

Your chargeback-to-transaction ratio says a lot about your business. In fact, it probably reveals things you weren’t even aware of!

Definitions & Explanations

How Will the New Mastercard Chargeback Rules Impact Your Business?

New Mastercard chargeback rules could have a significant impact on your business. Here’s what you can expect and how you should prepare for changes.


How Merchants Can Protect Against Chargebacks

Do you want to improve your chargeback protection strategy, but don’t know where to begin? Start here: break down the process into these seven manageable steps.


Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools & Software: Which is Right for Your Online Business?

Do you need help preventing fraud? This list can help you find a fraud tool that is just right for your eCommerce business.

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