Research & Trends

New Mastercard Rules for Negative Option Billing Merchants

Do you use a negative option or subscription billing sales model? If so, you need to check these Mastercard rules.

Definitions & Explanations

Malicious Fraud vs. Friendly Fraud: What’s the Difference?

If you don’t know the difference between friendly fraud and malicious fraud, your business could suffer from a lot of unnecessary revenue loss.


Which of These Fraud Tools is Right For Your eCommerce Business?

Do you need help preventing fraud? This list can help you find a fraud tool that is just right for your eCommerce business.


How Midigator Analytics Help Expose High-Risk Marketing Sources

To maximize profitability, you need to invest marketing dollars in sources that drive quality traffic and avoid sources that increase the likelihood of chargebacks. But how can you tell if a marketing source is good or bad?


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