Policy & Rule Updates

How to Handle Visa & Mastercard Chargebacks in Russia

Interested in how chargebacks are being handled in Russia right now? Check here for a detailed overview of new Mastercard and Visa regulations.
Policy & Rule Updates

Mastercard Chargeback & Dispute Resolution Guide

Chargeback rules are constantly changing. It can be difficult to stay current and compliant. To make transitions easier, we created this guide. New information will be shared as it becomes available.
Policy & Rule Updates

Visa & Mastercard Suspend Risk Monitoring Rules Due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Visa and Mastercard have temporarily suspended some of the card brands’ regulations used to monitor and manage merchant risk.
Definitions & Explanations

What is Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)?

Visa Claims Resolution is a detailed framework for managing chargebacks and disputes. We’ve highlighted the primary features so you can fully understand how this initiative impacts your business.
Policy & Rule Updates

American Express Chargebacks: Your Policy Guide for Amex Disputes

American Express manages chargebacks differently than Visa and Mastercard. Here’s a high-level overview of policies and management strategies.
Policy & Rule Updates

Prepared for New Visa Rules? Dispute & Fraud Ratios Changing in 2019

New Visa rules for chargeback and fraud monitoring will soon take effect. Learn what the new ratios are and how lower thresholds will impact your business.
Definitions & Explanations

Should You Manage the VMPI Integration Through a Visa Facilitator?

Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry is a valuable dispute-resolution platform. But integration and compliance can be challenging. Learn what a Visa facilitator is and how to streamline VMPI integration requirements.
Definitions & Explanations

What is Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI)?

VMPI has the potential to significantly benefit issuers, acquirers, processors, and merchants — but only if the initiative is fully understood and embraced.
Definitions & Explanations

Acquirers & Processors: How to Simplify VCR and Streamline VMPI

Already feeling overwhelmed by new Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) requirements? Don’t worry. There is a simple solution for acquirers and processors that will streamline integrations and policy updates.

How Much Time & Money Can You Save with Automation?

Review a detailed breakdown of the time companies spend managing chargebacks. Learn how to reduce FTE hours and save valuable revenue.

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