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02. 09. 2021

Midigator Now Makes it Simple for Enterprise Merchants to Fight Chargebacks

Midigator®, the leading chargeback and dispute technology company, today released a significant update to its popular DisputeFlow® product. DisputeFlow is a zero-integration technology platform that was built to empower merchants to easily fight their own chargebacks. The updated version also includes advanced templating, workflow enhancements, and user experience updates focused on integrating...
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08. 04. 2020

New Chargeback Data Provides Valuable and Encouraging Insights

Midigator®, the leading provider of dispute management services, today released “The Year in Chargebacks” report. The second-annual publication provides unprecedented insights into why disputes happen, how to effectively prevent and fight chargebacks, and what can be expected in the future. Data-...
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06. 29. 2020

Chargeback Expert Domenic Cirone Joins Midigator to Simplify Payment Disputes

Midigator®, the leading chargeback and dispute technology company, today announced that Domenic Cirone is joining the team as Senior Vice President of Acquirer Solutions. Because of his diverse background and advanced skill set, Cirone is considered the industry’s best authority on chargebacks and disputes. He is regularly called upon to share his expertise with card brands, industry associations, and fin...
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03. 18. 2020

Midigator and ClearSale Join Forces to Stop Chargebacks

Fraud and the resulting chargebacks are a growing concern for many merchants. Traditional prevention tactics often fall short because they only address a fraction of potential threats. Merchants need a more thorough strategy if they want the most complete protection possible, and a new partnership between Midigator®
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02. 04. 2020

Midigator Offers VMPI With Enhanced Analytics and Greater Chargeback Protection

Midigator® has joined the new Visa® collaboration initiative to provide a simple and efficient way for merchants to prevent chargebacks. VMPI, Visa’s real-time dispute resolution platform, is now enhanced by M...
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10. 15. 2019

Consumers Claim 67% of Chargebacks Could Have Been Avoided

Data from the latest Midigator® report, "The Consumer Confessional," shatters several long-believed assumptions about chargebacks. Thousands of U.S. consumers gave honest feedback about why they dispute purchases and what businesses can do to prevent chargebacks from happening.
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05. 29. 2019

New Data Provides Unprecedented Insight About Chargebacks

When it comes to chargeback management, there can be a lot of unknowns. A lack of understanding typically results from a lack of transparency. To help eliminate this confusion and provide needed clarity, Midigator® today released “The Year in Chargebacks” report. The first-annual report published by Midigator, a company that uses technol...
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05. 07. 2019

Midigator Partners with Stripe to Simplify Payment Disputes

A new partnership between two of the payment industry’s most technology-focused service providers aims to streamline internet commerce. Midigator® has integrated with Stripe® to simplify the entire payment lifecycle, from transaction to chargeback response. Combining these two powerful technologies helps merchants safely process transactions online and ultimately delivers on Stripe’s vision to ...
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03. 19. 2019

Midigator Now Makes it Radically Simple to Fight Your Own Chargebacks

For more than a decade, nearly all merchants have shared a common struggle: the confusing, time-consuming process of fighting chargebacks. The only self-managed options were to endure the labor-intensive task or unfairly sacrifice revenue---until now. Today, Midigator® announces DisputeFlow™, a new feature that makes it radically simple to respond to chargebacks and recover...
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02. 20. 2019

Midigator Launches New Website to Provide Much-Needed Payment Industry Education

Midigator, a company that uses technology to remove the complexity of payment disputes, recently launched an all-new website. The goal was to provide a platform that the entire payment ecosystem could use to better understand payment processing risks. Midigator will...
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