Midigator Offers VMPI With Enhanced Analytics and Greater Chargeback Protection

  • Posted on February 4, 2020

Midigator® has joined the new Visa® collaboration initiative to provide a simple and efficient way for merchants to prevent chargebacks. VMPI, Visa’s real-time dispute resolution platform, is now enhanced by Midigator’s technology. 

Visa created VMPI to help merchants and issuers collaborate to resolve customer complaints before they progress to chargebacks. With Midigator’s help, this valuable tool can now be used to its fullest potential. 

“VMPI can help reduce the risk of chargebacks,” said Corey Baggett, CEO of Midigator, “but only if merchants use the technology as it was intended. Our aim is to eliminate the complexities that could prevent merchants from experiencing all the benefits VMPI has to offer.”

VMPI can help reduce the risk of chargebacks, but only if merchants use the technology as it was intended.

– Corey Baggett, CEO of Midigator

By adding VMPI to Midigator’s already robust chargeback prevention services, merchants experience a seamless integration with better protection and unparalleled insight.

  • Accessing VMPI through Midigator means merchants have the simplest on-boarding experience possible. Merchants can start using VMPI quicker and with less effort.
  • Midigator’s complete integration offers merchants two VMPI response options, unlike other integrations that only allow one. This helps merchants prevent more chargebacks and retain more revenue.
  • Midigator’s response speed is easily within Visa’s two-second requirement. The technology is able to match an inquiry to the corresponding order and reply to Visa in less than 500 milliseconds. This guarantees merchants are able to take advantage of every opportunity to prevent a chargeback.
  • Midigator’s VMPI service includes a unique reporting and analytics feature. Analyzing why inquiries happen and monitoring which response options are most effective can increase ROI.

“Visa launched VMPI as part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to create a more efficient dispute management process,” said Mark Standfield, president of Midigator. “The merchants who recognize and follow the new technology-driven turn the industry is taking will be the most competitive in their fields.”

More information about Midigator’s VMPI service can be found here. Merchants who are ready to use VMPI to resolve disputes can sign up for a demo and start preventing chargebacks in as little as 24 hours.

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