Midigator Launches New Website to Provide Much-Needed Payment Industry Education

  • Posted on February 20, 2019

Midigator, a company that uses technology to remove the complexity of payment disputes, recently launched an all-new website. The goal was to provide a platform that the entire payment ecosystem could use to better understand payment processing risks.

Midigator will use this new resource to:

  • Share observations about emerging trends
  • Provide simplified explanations for complicated processes and terms
  • Offer insight on the anticipated impact of industry regulations
  • Unveil proven-effective strategies to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks

In short, Midigator aims to transparently share expertise and serve as the go-to resource for industry members.

“Chargeback management can be complicated. It’s often a complex process with confusing regulations,” said Corey Baggett, CEO of Midigator. “In everything we do at Midigator, we aim to remove those complexities. We strive for simple, efficient, and transparent. Our website is no exception. We wanted to provide a place where people could come to be informed and empowered.”

Midigator’s website focuses on providing high-quality, actionable, and easy-to-understand content. A variety of different resource types ensure users have access to information that is most relevant to them, including case studies, diagrams, calculators, blog articles, templates, checklists, and much more.

The executive team at Midigator is one of the best in the industry…It’s great to see they are sharing their expertise with the public in a very accessible way.

– Luca Bizzotto, Alto Global Processing

The new website has already made an impact on industry members. “The executive team at Midigator is one of the best in the industry.” said Luca Bizzotto of Alto Global Processing. “We’ve partnered with them for several different educational events. It’s great to see they are sharing their expertise with the public in a very accessible way.”

Midigator’s website redesign is one of the first stages in a long-term plan to expand the company’s service offerings, technology development, and educational training. “We have some game-changing projects in the works. A new website is just the beginning.” said Baggett.


About Midigator: Midigator believes the challenges of running a business should be delivering great products or services, not managing payment risk. That’s why the company became the first to use technology to prevent, fight, and analyze chargebacks, providing an efficient and effective alternative to labor-intensive, manual processes. Midigator’s technology removes the complexity of payment disputes so businesses can get back to business. Features like real-time reporting, labor-saving automation, and in-depth analytics benefit businesses of all sizes in all industries. To learn more, visit midigator.com.

Contact Midigator at 1-800-960-2184 or contact@midigator.com.

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