Prevent Chargebacks

Midigator has integrated with Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) to help you prevent more chargebacks.


The Lifecycle of VMPI

When your customer tries to dispute a purchase, use VMPI to share transaction information and valuable insights with the bank in real time. Don’t wait until a problem turns into a chargeback. Resolve disputes sooner and more effectively.

Customer Disputes a Charge

Your customer contacts the bank to
dispute a transaction.

Issuing Bank Reaches Out for Information

The bank notifies Midigator of the customer dispute and requests information to help clarify the transaction.

Midigator Receives the Inquiry

Midigator receives the inquiry on your behalf and selects the appropriate response option: sending information or refunding the transaction.

Midigator Responds to the Inquiry

Midigator is able to match an inquiry to the corresponding order and reply to Visa in less than 500 milliseconds.

Issuing Bank Works to Resolve the Dispute

The issuing bank uses the newly obtained information to
resolve the dispute without a chargeback.

The Benefits of VMPI

There are several advantages of using VMPI.  Any merchant—whether card present or card-not-present, big or small—can benefit from this chargeback prevention technology.


Reduce chargeback rates by resolving transaction disputes before they become chargebacks.


Identify issues within seconds of a dispute, rather than waiting for a chargeback 2-5 weeks later.


Stop the shipment of goods on disputed orders. Retain fulfillment, shipping, and product costs.

Even More Options to Prevent Disputes

Midigator’s complete integration offers you multiple response options. This allows you to prevent as many chargebacks as possible, retain more revenue, improve the customer experience, and much more.

  • Send transaction data that can help clarify the purchase
  • Let the bank know you intend to refund the customer
  • Prevent even more chargebacks

Reports & Analytics

Midigator’s VMPI service includes a unique reporting and analytics feature you won’t find anywhere else. Monitoring which response options are most effective can increase ROI.

  • Easily monitor results
  • Discover why inquiries are happening
  • Solve issues at their source to prevent future disputes

Quick & Easy Integration

Accessing VMPI through Midigator means you have the simplest on-boarding experience possible. You can start using VMPI quicker and with less effort.

  • Zero development resources needed
  • Get up and running quickly, and efficiently
  • Connect unlimited merchant accounts

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