How Midigator’s Analytics Help Stop Fraudsters & Prevent Chargebacks

This is the story of how a merchant used Midigator’s detailed analytics to block fraud, reduce chargebacks, increase profits, and improve the brand’s reputation.

How Midigator’s Analytics Help Optimize Profitability

Chargeback management is one giant balancing act. You need to find the sweet spot between risk and reward if you want to optimize profitability. Midigator’s analytics make it easy to find that middle ground.

How Midigator Analytics Help Uncover Merchant Errors

Not all chargebacks are caused by criminals or friendly fraudsters. Sometimes, chargebacks are caused by innocent, overlooked mistakes. But unless you have access to easy-to-analyze data, uncovering those mistakes is like finding a needle in a haystack.

How Midigator Analytics Help Expose High-Risk Marketing Sources

To maximize profitability, you need to invest marketing dollars in sources that drive quality traffic and avoid sources that increase the likelihood of chargebacks. But how can you tell if a marketing source is good or bad?

How Midigator Recovers Revenue with Fewer Costs and Higher ROI

This is the story of how a merchant used Midigator to successfully fight chargebacks. Embracing technology allowed the merchant to recover more revenue and cut costs to improve ROI more than 1,000%.

How Midigator Analytics Can Prevent Subscription Billing Chargebacks & Increase Customer Lifetime Value

This is the story of how a merchant used Midigator’s detailed analytics to prevent subscription billing chargebacks and increase customer lifetime value.

How Much Time & Money Can You Save with Automation?

Review a detailed breakdown of the time companies spend managing chargebacks. Learn how adopting technology-based solutions to handle these processes can deliver an immediate ROI.

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