Kount and Midigator

A Complete Strategy For Fraud & Chargebacks

The ever-present threat from fraudsters means your bottom line is always in jeopardy. But with Kount + Midigator, you can finally level the playing field and retain the revenue that’s rightfully yours.


End-to-End Revenue Protection

Different fraud techniques require different management strategies. That’s why Kount and Midigator have joined forces. We want to provide you with all the solutions you need to protect your revenue from beginning to end.

Accurately identify good customers and block fraudsters.

  • Pre-authorization technology & data
  • Criminal fraud
  • Generate revenue

Proactively resolve disputes and fight invalid chargebacks.

  • Post-authorization technology & data
  • Friendly fraud
  • Protect & recover revenue

Why Combine
Kount and Midigator?

Combining two industry leaders means you will have unmatched value and the best results.

Technology-Driven Approach 

Both Kount and Midigator are world-class technology platforms. The use of data and automation removes the time-consuming, error-prone processes that are commonly used to manage fraud and chargebacks.

  • Reduced friction, false positives, and chargeback rates
  • Increased approvals, win rates, and revenue recovery
  • Enhanced employee productivity and moral

Decades of Experience

The Kount and Midigator leadership teams have hundreds of years combined experience. We’ve spent decades researching trends, learning the rules, and testing strategies. Then we consolidated that experience into the most accurate approach and developed code to execute it.

  • On-demand access to our team of experts
  • 30+ patents and a track record of proven success
  • Thousands of clients in hundreds of industries

Ready to Scale

The ultimate goal is to combine the individual technologies and services of Kount and Midigator into one platform — a central point of truth for fraud and chargebacks. By signing up for both services now, your data, processes, and workflows can seamlessly flow into an end-to-end solution.

  • A single dashboard with consolidated data and tasks
  • Valuable insights from checkout to chargeback response
  • Simple pricing, clear outcomes, and unmatched ROI

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been working in fraud detection and analysis for over 10 years and I have used, reviewed, and am familiar with almost all the softwares out there. And I must say, Kount stands out to me as one of the best — if not the best — anti-fraud tool in the entire industry.

Christian Z.

Fraud and Chargeback Analyst,

What used to be a tedious task with marginal results has effectively turned into a money-making part of our business: fighting fraud and chargebacks. We’ve never been more profitable, and Midigator is a big reason.

Jason G.

Health, Wellness & Fitness


Frequently Asked Questions

Managing false positives is a delicate balancing act. If your approach to fraud management is too conservative, you’ll decline good orders. But if your strategy is too lenient, you’ll damage your bottom line and jeopardize your reputation. 

Kount has several features that level the playing field and help ensure the best results possible. 


  • Historical data – Kount was one of the first fraud management companies to enter the market. That means they have 15 years worth of data — a decade more than many other service providers. A longer history of service means Kount has the best understanding of risk and unparalleled insights on what should and shouldn’t be approved. And because Kount has such a significant database, you will have great results from day one. Clients don’t have to wait 60-90 days for data to accumulate. Kount already has everything you need to succeed.
  • Machine learning – Some fraud companies in the industry today incorporate supervised machine learning — which is the most basic capability — into their platform. But Kount utilizes both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. By combining multiple machine learning models, Kount has greater insights which lead to more accurate decisions.
  • Expertise – Kount’s team is made up of professionals with dozens of years’ experience. They’ve seen what does and doesn’t work for merchants in hundreds of different industries all over the world. And they will readily share those insights with you. The goal is to help clients continuously improve results by fine tuning their strategy as threats evolve over time. 
  • Client involvement – Kount is a best-in-class technology platform. But automation doesn’t blindly dictate how your business should be run. You have full control over how decisions are made and the level of risk you are willing to accept.
  • Immediate results – Kount’s technology operates in real time. If false positives are detected, adjustments can instantly be made so you’ll immediately stop the threat.
  • Refund and chargeback data – By combining Kount and Midigator, the technology has even more data to reference. Adding post-transaction data (refunds and chargebacks) to pre-authorization filters will improve decision accuracy. 

The new Kount + Midigator partnership won’t change your billing — unless you choose to add more solutions to your existing strategy. 

If you do add Kount’s solutions — or additional Midigator features — we’ll help you bundle and save.  

Good news! If you decide to add Kount to your existing Midigator solutions, you won’t need an entirely new contractual service agreement. We’ll simply add an amendment to your existing contract.


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