Want a simpler way to prevent chargebacks?
We can help.

With new techniques and intelligent technology, it’s now easier than ever to stop chargebacks before they happen. Let Midigator help you prevent chargebacks with an efficiency you never even dreamed was possible. 

  • Start seeing results in as little as 24 hours
  • Prevent up to 50% of chargebacks
  • Reduce labor hours by up to 90%

The Value of Prevention Solutions

Any merchant — whether card-present or card-not-present, big or small — can benefit from chargeback prevention solutions.

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Keep Chargeback Counts Low

Reduce chargeback rates by 40-50%. Keep thresholds low and merchant accounts healthy.

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Improve Customer Experience

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly and proactively resolving complaints. 

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Take Quick

Identify issues within 24 hours of a dispute rather than waiting for a chargeback 2-5 weeks later.

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Save Fulfillment Costs

Stop the shipment of goods on disputed orders. Retain fulfillment, shipping, and product costs.


Everything you need.
All in one place.

Ready to take a stand against chargebacks? Want to protect your business with the most efficient and accurate strategy possible? We can help. 

Midigator is intelligent chargeback technology. We have everything you need to achieve quick, easy, and long-lasting results.  Sign up for a demo today. Our team of experts will help you pick the solutions that are the best fit for your business. 

  • Get multiple solutions with just one integration
  • Improve employee satisfaction by automating repetitive, mundane tasks
  • Save time and money by increasing productivity
  • Protect more revenue by eliminating errors and missed opportunities

What Our Clients Are Saying

Before, I had to log in to two different platforms. But now, both solutions are combined in one Mitigator software.

Abhinav S.

Computer & Network Security

Prevention alerts are really useful. If your company deals with a high volume of payments, you surely need Midigator to have a heads-up and resolve possible disputes.

Laura L.

Customer Success Manager,

I love the easy-to-use interface that provides actionable data to help reduce and defect chargebacks.

Connor J.


Trusted by thousands of merchants, across all industries.

Get More Than Just Prevention

Preventing chargebacks is an important task, but it shouldn’t be your only priority. 

You need to solve the entire chargeback problem — not just one piece. And with Midigator’s help, you can. 


Prevent 50% of disputes

from becoming chargebacks.

Analyze effectiveness

so you can increase ROI by 900%.

Automate tasks

to reduce labor hours by 84%.

Fight chargebacks

and win back revenue 65% of the time.


Let Midigator simplify your chargeback management today!

Are you ready to see why thousands of companies trust Midigator to manage millions of chargebacks with unprecedented ROI? Sign up for a demo today, and see what you’ve been missing!

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