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What’s your opinion on fighting chargebacks? Feel like it is a necessary evil — something you hate but have to do? We’re going to change that. Say goodbye to confusing, time-consuming, error-prone processes. Out with the old and in with the new: efficient, accurate, and intelligent techniques.

  • Improve win rates by 116%.
  • Increase ROI by 900%.
  • Reduce labor hours by 85%.

The Hidden Benefits of Fighting Chargebacks

Are you sure you really understand what’s at stake? Take a look at what happens when you fight chargebacks and what you miss out on if you don’t.

recover revenue

Recover Revenue

If you accept chargebacks as a loss, your hard-earned money is gone forever. But if you fight, you can recover revenue that’s been unfairly sacrificed.

avoid penalties

Avoid Penalties

If you don’t respond to certain disputes, you’ll have to pay a fine. But fight back and you can easily avoid those unnecessary penalties.

prove legitimacy

Prove Legitimacy

If you aren’t fighting, the bank is going to wonder why. But fight for money that’s rightfully yours and you’ll help solidify the business’s credibility.


What Our Clients Are Saying

It is easy to set up your own personalized template to ensure all the required information for a chargeback case is concise yet includes the necessary evidence to make a strong case.

Erik E.


What used to be a tedious task with marginal results has effectively turned into a money-making part of our business. We’ve never been more profitable, and Midigator is a big reason.

Jason G.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

It is a very easy function to use. I have used other programs that did not have the tools that Midigator provides to make my job smoother.

Lilly R.

Customer Service Supervisor,
Consumer Goods

Trusted by thousands of merchants, across all industries.

Do More Than Just Fight

Fighting chargebacks is an important task, but it shouldn’t be your only priority.

You need to solve the entire chargeback problem — not just one piece. And with Midigator’s help, you can.


Prevent chargebacks

by resolving 50% of disputes.

Fight chargebacks

and win back revenue 65% of the time.

Automate tasks

to reduce labor hours by 84%.

Analyze effectiveness

so you can increase ROI by 900%.


Let Midigator simplify your chargeback management today!

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