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Midigator has several unique characteristics.

  • Midigator uses technology to remove the complexity of payment disputes. Error-prone, time-consuming tasks are automated to simplify processes and help internal teams be more efficient. 
  • Midigator believes data is a key component to a successful chargeback management strategy. The technology provides in-depth analytics and real-time reports to enable data-driven decisions. Midigator helps you solve problems at their source, yielding superior results.
  • Midigator integrates directly with other industry service providers so you can have an all-in-one platform. Access all your dispute management tools from a single dashboard.
  • Midigator values transparency in everything we do, from the pricing we offer to the outcomes we are able to achieve.
  • Midigator isn’t satisfied with providing some ROI—Midigator wants merchants to achieve the maximum ROI possible. That means retaining and recovering revenue with unparalleled success through the most cost-effective and efficient processes.

Yes! Midigator is the preferred partner for both Ethoca and Verifi.

If you currently use either or both of these vendors through a different management platform, you can easily switch to Midigator and receive more comprehensive services.

Learn more here.

Yes! Midigator is a certified Visa facilitator. This means Visa tested our technology and found that it is able to meet the two-second submission requirements. You can learn more about our role as a Visa facilitator here.

Yes! Because Midigator is a tech-driven service provider, the platform seamlessly transitioned to Visa’s new dispute resolution framework. And, the agile technology is likewise capable of handling any future updates that the other card networks might issue.

To learn more about how Midigator helps merchants overcome common VCR challenges, click here.

Midigator’s win rate is 65-80%. To put those numbers in perspective, in-house efforts usually achieve a 20-40% win rate. Rates for other third-party vendors vary widely, ranging from about 20-65%.

But win rates alone don’t paint the full picture. There are other KPIs to take into consideration too—like fight rates and ROI.

For example, a high win rate coupled with a low fight rate make results seem more profitable than they are—less total dollars are won back. And expensive, error-prone, manual processes might win a sufficient amount of cases, but they completely negate ROI.

So, a more comprehensive overview of our success would be that Midigator fights 85-90% of all chargebacks and wins 65-80%. Clients regularly report anywhere from an 800% to 1,500% increase in ROI.

When it comes to fighting chargebacks, Midigator’s goal is to generate as much ROI as possible.

The strategy is three-fold.

First, automation is used to increase efficiency and eliminate error-prone, time-consuming processes. This cuts costs.

Second, the technology knows what should and shouldn’t be fought. This prevents wasting time and money on cases that cannot be won. It also means you won’t spend more than you are able to recover.  

Third, the technology creates customized dispute responses. These have the best possible chance of winning which recovers the maximum amount of revenue.

Fighting 100% of your chargebacks would be irresponsible and detrimental to your ROI. There are a couple reasons why Midigator might not fight a chargeback.

  • The cost associated with the dispute response is more than the amount of revenue that would be recovered.
  • The processor has explicitly explained that chargebacks with a given reason code are not disputable.
  • You don’t have the compelling evidence required to dispute the given chargeback reason code.
  • The issuer has submitted a pre-arbitration chargeback and the costs associated with a second dispute response exceed potential ROI.

Midigator’s technology automatically filters for these conditions and determines whether to challenge the chargeback based on processor, reason code, and economic guidelines.

This philosophy ensures maximum ROI.

Yes, your information is very safe!

At Midigator, we have an organization-wide commitment to data security and integrity. We maintain rigorous security standards for our company’s technology, processes, and personnel.

Midigator also adheres to the highest level of protection and confidentiality considerations for our clients’ data. We sign mutual non-disclosure agreements with every client to ensure the integrity of information exchanged between us.

To learn more, visit our security page.

Technology enables Midigator to be a cost-effective solution for chargeback management.

A la carte pricing allows you to pick the features you need, without paying for services you don’t want.

To receive a customized price quote, sign up for a demo of Midigator. 

Midigator doesn’t require a long-term commitment. To cancel services, simply contact your client success manager or login to Midigator and contact our support team.

This means, if you sign up with Midigator, there are no risks—only benefits!

Midigator establishes a synced data connection with our partners. This integration allows data and actions to flow seamlessly between systems so your information is always in sync and 100% accurate.

Full integration is a two-phase process.

1. ORDER DATA IS PASSED TO MIDIGATOR: Through our secure API, you can allow your CRM (or order management system) to send all new orders, order updates, and compelling evidence to Midigator.

2. MIDIGATOR TAKES ACTION IN YOUR CRM: Midigator can update your CRM data, including marking orders as chargebacks, canceling recurring orders, blacklisting the customer, refunding orders, and leaving notes of action taken.

The integration process is impacted by several variables, most notably the services you are interested in receiving.

One of our integration specialists will help you determine which service level is best suited for your business. Then, our team will work with you to ensure Midigator has access to the information needed to provide those services.

To receive an integration overview that’s specific to your business, sign up for a demo of Midigator.

Yes! Midigator has a reporting API and a data API. Learn more here.

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