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Complete End-to-End Fraud and Dispute Protection

With both ClearSale and Midigator technologies, merchants can experience complete ecommerce fraud protection, chargeback prevention alert services, and intelligent dispute management solutions.


A Complete Solution for Fraud & Chargeback Protection

World-Class Ecommerce
Fraud Protection

ClearSale technology provides the most complete front-end fraud protection, helping your business prevent criminal and malicious fraud activity.

Automated Chargeback
Prevention Technology

Midigator offers best-in-class dispute prevention services to resolve all dispute types before they hit your merchant account.

Dispute Management & Analytics Solutions

Utilize Midigator’s dispute management technology to fight friendly fraud and recover lost revenue from chargebacks.

World-Class Ecommerce Fraud Protection

Delivered by

ClearSale provides a complete fraud solution that addresses chargebacks and false declines — ensuring you can maximize your revenue and approve every order your good customers place with you.

  • Highest order approval rates in the industry
  • Dramatically reduced fraud chargebacks
  • Virtually zero false declines

Automated Chargeback Prevention Technology

Midigator delivers the latest in post-transaction, friendly fraud chargeback prevention technology designed to resolve a customer dispute before it becomes a chargeback. Fully integrated with all prevention alert vendors, Midigator is a single source for preventing chargebacks for your business.

  • Instantly resolve customer disputes
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience
  • Monitor in-depth reporting and analytics

Intelligent Dispute Management Solutions

Midigator delivers world-class dispute management solutions for merchants of all sizes. With centralized account reporting, custom notifications, intelligent fight filters, and simplified response workflows, your business can finally leverage a complete dispute management experience.

  • Automated and simplified response workflows
  • In-depth analytics and real-time reporting
  • Intelligent filters and optimized reponses

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