10.4 - Other Fraud – Card-Absent Environment

Dispute Code







Why did I receive this dispute?

The cardholder claims a card-not-present transaction was unauthorized.


How long can the issuer wait to file a dispute?

The maximum amount of time that can pass between the transaction processing date and the dispute processing date is 120 calendar days.


What compelling evidence is needed to respond?

  • If you requested CVV2 during the checkout process but received a response that the issuer doesn’t participate in CVV2, provide documentation with the authorization response codes.
  • If the cardholder was authenticated with Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa) and you requested the CVV2 during checkout, provide documentation that proves the cardholder’s identity was verified.
  • If you received a CVV2 code that indicated the shopper’s response didn’t match what the issuer had on file but the issuer still approved the transaction, provide documentation that proves authorization was granted.
  • If the issuer doesn’t participate in Address Verification Service (AVS), provide documentation that proves you attempted to validate information provided during checkout.
  • If the transaction includes a card-present transaction and a subsequent key-entered transaction, provide documentation that proves all transactions took place during the same stay, trip, or rental period and a valid imprint for the first card-present transaction.
  • If you have already processed a refund for the transaction in question, provide documentation that proves you have credited the cardholder’s account.
  • If the cardholder no longer wishes to dispute the transaction, provide documentation that proves the issue has been resolved.


Click here for additional forms of compelling evidence that will be accepted for this dispute condition.


How can I avoid this dispute in the future?

  • Consider using all the tools available to you—including Visa Secure, card security code (CVV2), and Address Verification Service (AVS).
  • Use pre-sale fraud detection service providers that can help verify the cardholder’s identity, detect potential criminal activity, and reduce the risk of accepting unauthorized transaction.
  • Use a billing descriptor that is easily recognized by the cardholder.
  • Always submit an authorization request, no matter the transaction amount.
  • Make sure you differentiate between card-absent and card-present transactions during clearing by noting internet, phone, or mail orders.

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