Reason Code 4853 - Goods or Services Not as Described or Defective

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Cardholder Dispute

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Dual Message System


Why did I receive this chargeback?

The cardholder claims goods or services provided didn’t match the description listed or verbally provided at the time of purchase, were defective or damaged, or the quality wasn’t what was expected.


How long can the issuer wait to file a chargeback?

The chargeback timeline can be based on one of four start dates. Either the dispute must be processed within 120 calendar days of:

  • the transaction processing date, or
  • the delivery date, or
  • the cancellation date, or
  • the date services ended (but not to exceed 540 days of the original transaction processing date)


However, if the customer returned merchandise or cancelled services, the issuer must let at least 15 calendar days pass before initiating a dispute.


What compelling evidence is needed to respond?

Your chargeback response must include at least one of the following items:

  • Explanation and documentation to refute the cardholder’s claim
  • Proof that the chargeback is invalid because it doesn’t adhere to Mastercard requirements
  • Proof you have already refunded the transaction and credited the cardholder’s account
  • Proof the cardholder no longer wishes to dispute the transaction


How can I avoid this chargeback in the future?

  • Provide exceptional customer service and promptly acknowledge customers when they make contact.
  • If the cardholder contacts you to resolve the issue, promptly fulfill all valid requests for replacements or refunds.
  • Make sure all service and merchandise descriptions are complete, accurate, and not misleading.
  • Use the correct size boxes and sufficient packing material so items won’t break in transit.
  • Make sure your fulfillment department is familiar with your merchandise, has a complete understanding of what has been purchased, and knows what to ship

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