Reason Code A02 – No Valid Authorization

Reason Code





Why did I receive this chargeback?

You did not receive an authorization approval before processing the transaction. The request was either declined or the card had expired.


What compelling evidence is needed to respond?

Your chargeback response must include at least one of the following items:

  • If you processed the transaction correctly, provide proof of the valid authorization approval.
  • If you processed a transit contactless transaction, provide proof that authorization was obtained within the given time limit for any aggregated charge that caused the combined taps since the most recent approved authorization to exceed the chargeback protection threshold or proof that a new account status check authorization was obtained at the time when the most recent approved authorization exceeded the authorization time period.
  • If the chargeback was issued because the card wasn’t valid, provide proof that the transaction was processed before the card expired.
  • If you have already processed a refund for the transaction in question, provide documentation that proves you have credited the cardholder’s account.


How can I avoid this chargeback in the future?

  • Always send an authorization request before processing a transaction.
  • If you receive a “decline” authorization response, either terminate the transaction or submit a second authorization request. Never proceed without authorization.
  • Check the card’s expiration date before processing the transaction. Ask for an alternate form of payment if the card is no longer valid.

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