Midigator Wins 2 Awards: Clients Name Us the Best!

Midigator was recently named a TrustRadius top-rated company in two categories: chargeback management and fraud detection. This recognition means a great deal to us because it came directly from the critics that matter most: our trusted and valued clients.

What is TrustRadius?

TrustRadius is a platform that helps buyers pick the technology that is best for their business. It helps buyers confidently make decisions with insights such as:

  • Comprehensive, vetted product information
  • Customer-generated content including reviews and ratings
  • Competitor comparisons and decisioning tools

What are the Top Rated Awards and why do they matter?

It can be challenging for businesses to pick the right technology solution when there are multiple options to choose from. Buyers need cold, hard facts and trusted opinions to make educated decisions. And that’s exactly what TrustRadius — and the Top Rated Awards — provide.

Each year, TrustRadius analyzes over 60,000 high-quality, in-depth user reviews. Based on the insights provided, the platform identifies the top-rated companies in each category.

Recognition through TrustRadius is different from vanity awards. TrustRadius reviews are 100% unbiased and come solely from vetted vendor clients. And award eligibility is calculated with both sentiment and hard facts. Some influencing metrics include:

  • Rating – Products need a score of 7.5 or above (Midigator has 8.6!)
  • Recency – Products must have 10 or more new reviews within the past year
  • Relevancy – Products must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic volume in that category

Ultimately, earning a Top Rated Award means the vendor has excellent customer satisfaction and proven credibility.

“Midigator has won Top Rated Awards in the Chargeback Management and Fraud Detection categories,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “These awards are based directly on customer feedback and help software buyers make better-purchasing decisions by highlighting products that provide high levels of customer satisfaction.”

“We’re thrilled to accept these distinguished awards from TrustRadius as they help validate the focus we put into delivering intuitive solutions for our clients,” said Mark Standfield, head of Midigator. “And we aim to continue innovating by combining our technology with Kount’s identity verification and fraud prevention solutions to offer a robust end-to-end platform that empowers businesses to reduce risk, operate efficiently, and grow revenue.”

What do clients have to say about Midigator?

Midigator was named a top-rated company in two categories because of what our clients have to say about our products and services.

When asked about the benefits of using Midigator, our clients shared the following:

  • Merchant chargeback rate drops significantly
  • Being up to date on new disputes coming in
  • Layout of the website is easily accessible
  • Provides the company with information to make better business decisions
  • Has good customer service
  • Cool concept
  • Easy to use interface for addressing disputes
  • Midigator employees respond quickly to client requests
  • Helps prevent chargebacks/disputes
  • Saves their clients time and money
  • Ease of use
  • Consolidates multiple MIDs in one dashboard for easy management and monitoring
  • Prices their products and services competitively
  • Helps fight chargebacks to save us money
  • The reporting in their portal is very well organized and easy to digest
  • Dispute prevention is excellent
  • Amazing support staff
  • Timely delivery of services

Clients also shared about their use cases and likelihood to recommend Midigator to others:

We have saved A LOT of money since using Midigator.

Midigator is a great company that offers a great service. A specific scenario based on my experience where Midigator came to the rescue would be reducing the chargeback percentage by 10% helping us keep our business merchant account processing.

I like how fast Midigator always replies to my emails in a timely manner. I also appreciate how they are willing to go above and beyond to help me and make sure I have all questions answered always.

It helps our company prevent numerous chargebacks as well as save significant dollars each month. The system essentially pays for itself over time.

Midigator is well suited to serve small, medium, and large businesses alike. Our company has been able to experience the use of Midigator across all three business sizes, and we never felt like Midigator was lacking. We are big fans and hope to use it for quite some time to come.

We use Midigator on a very consistent basis and it’s helped us save a lot of money, stress and effort.

Midigator keeps everything easy to coordinate and maintain. That way we can worry about other things and let Midigator sort out chargebacks, which can sometimes cause businesses to fail. It’s been great for us.

We struggled to mitigate the chargeback issues ourselves for many years before seeking the help of professionals, and Midigator has provided valuable insight and business metrics to help us get our chargebacks under control. Midigator’s platform was tremendous in being able to track the alerts and chargebacks to help us pinpoint specific issues and ways to try and help reduce the risk of chargebacks.

Midigator has been very impactful for our company. We were able to curb our chargeback rates by as much as 75%. I truly love working with the Midigator staff. They are friendly, super helpful, and get the job done in a snap. We will continue to grow and flourish with Midigator as our partner!

Want to read more? Visit Midigator’s TrustRadius profile page for more helpful insights.

Thanks to our valued clients!

These honors are a testament to our amazing clients. Each of you are instrumental in helping us deliver solutions that solve real problems and lead the industry in fraud prevention.

We take these honors as a sign that we’re on the right path, but we’re not finished yet! We’re committed to innovating and improving our solutions to ensure we always provide the best service to you.

Thank you for inspiring us to strive for excellence daily. We appreciate you trusting us to protect your business!

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